Friday, October 23

Swag Bucks

Search & Win

Well I decided it's about time to jump on the swagbucks bandwagon. I'm hoping that in time for Christmas I might be able to get a present for the kids. It is sooo easy. Basically just get a little money for searching the web. Everytime you go to a website (like just go to the website through the swagbucks tool bar. Easy money! (Plus if you just sign-up by clicking on the above link ~ even if you don't ever do anything ~ it will give me extra points. So I would love it if checked it out)

What is Swag Bucks?

Basically it’s a site that allows you to earn great prizes such as iPhones, iPods, concert tickets, gift cards, and more just for using them to search the Internet. For example, an eGift card is only 45 Swag Bucks!

Why not get paid for something you’re already doing anyhow? And don’t worry about the quality of the searches – Swag Bucks is powered by Google. Plus, they often offer special Swag Codes for additional points as well, so it’s not hard to rack up enough points to redeem often!

How do I sign up?

It’s super easy! Just go to Swagbucks and fill out your information. You’ll receive 3 points just for registering to get you started.

Tips for maximizing your Swag Bucks earnings:

  • Download one of the Swag Bucks browser plugins to earn for the searches you normally do.
  • Follow @SwagBucks on Twitter for updates on new Swag Codes. (enter these in the left-hand column on your Swag Bucks account page)
  • Read the Swag Bucks blog for updates on new features as well as info on Swag Codes.
  • Shop through Swag Bucks to earn SB on purchases.


Jaclyn said...

I have been happy with Swag. I have been doing it since September and have earned $10 without any "referal friends." I search a few times a day is all. Real easy and it will give me a few extra dollars for Christmas. In my opinion well worth it.

jenorme said...

I"ve been doing Swag for 6 months and bought all of my kids' Halloween costumes with the Amazon gift cards I earned.

Kim said...

I've been apart of swagbucks for about a month and I have earned 33. Another great way to earn swagbucks is to trade in old cell phones. They even pay the postage!!!