Sunday, January 31

Out With the Old, In With the New

For the past year and a half, I have enjoyed sharing some of the best deals with you. When Jennifer joined me this past summer we were committed to keeping you up to speed on the best ways for you to save money.

Alot has changed for us during this time, most notably a new baby for me and out-of-state move for Jennifer. Through it all we thought of our readers, even as our posts dwindled and our time to blog shrunk even further.

As 2010 is hours away, Jennifer and I have decided to put aside any wonderings about our future at The Budgeteer and bring in the New Year with some resolutions: focus on our families. With six very young children between us and husbands who have been patient for our money-saving obsession, and we feel it is time to focus on them. I miss the art of homemaking and I know in the blink of an eye my girls will be all grown up. It is time I turn my attention elsewhere.

From time to time there may be some deal so hot we can't help but make a note of it here, so I suggest you add The Budgeteer to a reader service (like My Yahoo or Google Reader, my favorite) or subscribe via email so that you still get tips on the latest ways to help your family save money.

In the meantime, we have compiled a list of our favorite money-saving spots that we ourselves check on a regular basis to scope out the latest deals. I would suggest you also add these blogs to your reader service and you will never miss another thing.

Good luck readers on your frugal adventures!

The Budgeteers,
Sarah and Jennifer

Favorite Local Money-Saving Sites

The Grocery Geek - The Grocery Geek is the Las Vegas-area Grocery Smarts manager.

Utah Deal Diva - Best deals around the Salt Lake City area

The Frugal Chick: Frugal Tips for Vegas Chicks - Nichole translates some of the national deals for a Vegas audience.

Favorite National Money-Saving Sites

Money Saving Mom - the knower of all things frugal

Coupon Cravings - a great selection of the best deals

Common Sense with Money - numerous national deals

Deal Seeking Mom - lots of frugal finds

Baby Cheapskate - all kids, all the deals

Friday, January 8

Mega Swagbucks Day

Search & Win
A few weeks ago I shared with you about a new way to search the internet called Swagbucks. You get paid in "swag bucks" to search the internet the same way you already search for things. After you earn your swagbucks you can redeem them for gift cards and other prizes from the swag store. You can read my post about swagbucks here for all the details.

As if it was already sweet enough to get rewarded for doing something you are already doing, how about having a MEGA Swag Bucks Day!

"Every Friday, Swagbucks gives you a chance to win huge, gargantuan, oodles, tons of....Mega Swag Bucks with your searches. From 3 to 100 Swag Bucks, we give away up to 10,000 Swag Bucks in Mega Bills every Friday!"
Taken from Swag Bucks official blog

So, make sure on Friday's you do some MEGA searching to win MEGA swag bucks!
If you don't already have Swag Bucks go here to sign up. After you sign up check your e-mail (you get 3 free swagbucks just for signing up) and they will let you start searching!
Check out the SwagBuck store and share with us what you are saving up for!