Monday, December 31

Lingo You Should Know

RJ = Review Journal (Las Vegas Newspaper)

SS = SmartSource (found weekly in the RJ)

GM = General Mills (found occasionally in the RJ)

K = Kelloggs (found occasionally in the RJ)

RP = Red Plum (found in your junk mail about 3 times a month with the grocery store ads)

PG = Proctor & Gamble (found in your junk mail once a month, usually the last week, with the Red Plum and grocery store ads)

When in doubt on whether or not to keep an insert, just flip through it really quick and see if everything left is expired. Most coupons are good for 4 to 6 weeks after being published, but there are always a stack of coupons in every insert that are good for much longer than that - up to 5 months.

Q: coupon

manny: Manufacturer's coupon

ECB: Extra Care Bucks

OOP: Out of Pocket; actual cash paid

peelie: Peelable coupon located on packages

RR: Register Reward

overage: a negative amount produced using coupons

BOGO / B1G1: Buy One Get One FREE

2/$5: This means 2 items for $5

$1/2: This means $1 off of 2 items

wyb: when you buy

catalina: thin paper coupon that prints out from a separate machine

MIR: Mail in Rebate

FAR: Free after rebate

exp: expires

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