Wednesday, April 9

How Does a Coupon Class Work?

* All Coupon Classes are FREE!

* The Store Shopping Lists provided by Grocery Smarts are always open and available to anyone to use! You don't even have to register or give your email address to use it.

* The class runs about an hour (maybe a bit longer if we chat).

* I'll teach you how to use the lists to combine store sales with coupons you get from the Sunday paper. Done properly with coupons, you can literally cut your grocery bill in half!

* I'll show you my "Less than 5 Minutes a Week" coupon organization method.

* I'll answer any questions you have and will provide continued support through this blog, email, and of course you can always call me later with any questions!

* AND, because I don't pay full price for anything... through Grocery Smarts I can offer exclusive discounts on the Las Vegas Review Journal for $0.75 per Sunday edition!

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